Aluminium & Steel

Tech Star is a Qatar-based company that has served Qatar’s Aluminium Fabrication business since 1990.

TechStaroffers a wide range of qualityAluminium products. The company’s basic principles are quality in products and maximum contribution to the prosperity of Qatar economy. We are active in the Aluminium Fabrication business, and wehave a variety of high quality Aluminium products such as Aluminium doors, Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Handrails, Aluminium Curtain Walls, Aluminium Claddding Aluminium Partition and Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets for commercial and non-commercial use.

Starting its operations 19 years ago, the company has been proven to be a dynamic force in Qatar’s Aluminium Fabrication business. Tech Star holds a significant amount of market shares of the Aluminium Fabrication business in the state of Qatar. Tech Star has extended its services to many of the major construction projects in Qatar.

Over the years, the quality of services has enabled TechStar to establish a strong and concrete relationship with the key players in the construction industry of the State of Qatar. TechStar’s strength lies in the commitment to the customers, and always accompanied with the principle to maintain the maximum contribution to the prosperity of the Qatar economy. TechStar’s highly qualified employees help to achieve these goals and to preserve the values which concentrate on integrity and dedication to the interest of customers. TechStar has always been available to provide our clients with quality aluminium products to meet the requirements and demands of the client that has been increasing its sophistication over the years.