Vision, Mission & Values


At Techstar our vision is balanced by four pillars:

Leadership : We are here to lead creating followers, not to follow.

A forward looking company : Working towards creating a better future every day.

Inspire : Inspiring to initiate with small actions that adds up to a big difference for everyone.

Togetherness : We share and reduce the impact of total with our forces togetherness making it a better place to work.


To attain highest level of integrity, honesty and efficiency :

We develop consensus among shared values helping us improve work environment and productivity. This builds our personal effectiveness, ethical behaviour and corporate loyalty.

Excellence in delivering quality service to customers through our products and services :

Our Core competency strength lies in our Customer Value Proposition. We provide tailor-made service for our customers ensuring their satisfaction helping us build a deeper relation.

To develop diversified markets that provides adequate financial returns and stability :

Our up-to date diversification strategies has helped us from avoiding many downturns existing in our business fields and helped it our long term sustainability.

To provide nurturing, pleasant and growth oriented environment for our stake holders :

We have a broadened scope when coming to environmental management and Corporate Social Responsibility. Much attention is paid to developing and maintaining stakeholder relationships.


Excellence in Quality service :

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it” Peter Drucker. We at Techstar are committed to Service Excellence.

Sustainable development :

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them” Albert Einstein. Techstar is one step ahead of its competitors by going green.

Safe and Friendly work environment :

We offer employee benefit programs. Our working conditions allow our employees to concentrate fully on their work with both good physical and mental health.

Customer Satisfaction and Delight :

With technology and new software flooding the market, products and services are organized and personalized to suit individual customer needs and requirements.